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Modulux Design Park Models

Choose from our Modulux Design floor plans and you will get the best park model to suit your needs! Our park models are pre-fabricated structures which have a similar look to single-wide mobile homes but which are built differently. They are a superb alternative to mobile homes when you own the property.

Our Modulux park models are beautiful 12-foot wide designs, with some models being up to 14 feet wide including bay windows. Our homes include plush carpeting, spacious and modern kitchens, well-laid-out bedrooms. A variety of options are also available to choose from. Sunroom additions add space and beauty to our park models.

Modulux Design Sectional Homes

Sectional homes are commonly referred to as "double-wides”. They are typically two-section homes joined together to create a larger home.

Double wide mobile homes represent a large category of manufactured home. These types of units are very popular with first-time homebuyers, retirees and those looking for secondary homes.

Modulux Design Single Wides

Our Modulux Design Ltd manufactured home is defined by the CSA Z240 MH Series standard as a transportable, single or multiple-section one-storey dwelling that is ready for occupancy on completion of set-up in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Its intended use is for residential purposes. There are no building size limitations and can be constructed with multiple modules although it must be a one-storey construction.

Modulux Design Multi-Storey

Modulux Design Ltd offers choices of Modular/Mobile Homes, with plans for multi-storey floor plans to suit your needs. Our units are a superb alternative to building a standard home when you own the property on which you want to place your unit.

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